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The scenario: I have various builder, that trigger a builder B. The builder B needs to know a specific piece of data, which is a string, so it knows what operation has to perform.

Example: 3 builders build 3 version of the same software, but each one is for a different architecture; I need to pass the architecture to builder B, which does testing, so it does the testing for the right architecture. So when a builder start, triggers B, which gets the architecture as parameter, and pass it to a step.

How can I pass a value trough the triggerable builder step in builder A, which then will be used by a step in builder B?

I could simply avoid to have builder B and run an instance of the work for each of my builders

Any code example would be very welcome; found no trace of a working example anywhere.


OK, I am getting closer I guess; using properties; you need to

import Properties

from import Property

Then in the triggerable step, you need to make a property

f.builderA.addStep (trigger.Trigger(schedulerNames= ['scheduler1']. set_properties={ "arch":Property("x86")}))

Last step is to interpolate the parameter and use it in the step on builderB:

f.builderB.addStep(testarch (architecture=(Interpolate(%(prop:arch))))

Problem is: I get an error where i restart the master, because my step is expecting a string for arch, and instead it says that it gets an "interpolate"

exceptions.TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'Interpolate' objects

Why it is not passing the string as expected? I tried to cast it as str() and it just print the Interpolate command, like if it was not processed.

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Do these different builder run in different slaves with actual different architecture? – hithwen May 26 '14 at 9:46
No, I have a single slave that run 4 builders; these 4 builders trigger this one builder, which is on the same slave. The objective is to have each of these 4, to pass a string to the one builder, which tells the architecture to use for testing. I was looking on the Buildbot git site and I saw a couple of issues with builders on different slaves, and with Interpolate on git steps, if I recall correctly. This is not the same case. – newbiez May 26 '14 at 22:24

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