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I try (since 4 days) to open a wxDialog (declared in a own Class)trough ClickOnEvent aon a menuitem.

I've managed that I get a empty wxDialog an to open it Nonmodal, so I can use the MainFrame at the same time.

But when I try to add a panel to the wxDialog but got a error:

error: cannot call constructor 'SideFrame::SideFrame' directly [-fpermissive]

void MainFrame::f_SF2(wxCommandEvent& event)
       : wxDialog(NULL, -1, title, wxDefaultPosition, wxSize(250, 230))
    sf_p = new wxPanel(this, -1);

    wxColour col1;



When I try it like below, I get a other error:

undefined reference to `SideFrame::SideFrame(wxString const&)'

void MainFrame::f_SF2(wxCommandEvent& event)
SideFrame *sf2 = new SideFrame(_T("SF2"));

  wxPanel *sf_p = new wxPanel(sf2);

  wxColour col1;



Can somebody help me, and say how I've to do that? I`m using wxWidgets 2.9.4 and the g++-compiler

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  1. ctor shall not be called directly in C++. Use operator new instead.

  2. Check the signature of your SideFrame::SideFrame.

Below is an example that may help.

#include <wx/wx.h>

class SideFrame : public wxDialog
    SideFrame(wxString sTitle) : wxDialog(NULL, wxID_ANY, sTitle) {}
    void OnClose(wxCloseEvent &) {
        this->Destroy(); // Ask wxWidgets to `delete this;`
wxBEGIN_EVENT_TABLE(SideFrame, wxDialog)

class CApp : public wxApp
    bool OnInit() {
        wxFrame * frame = new wxFrame(NULL, wxID_ANY, "demo");
        // Double click the main frame to create a modeless dialog.
        frame->Bind(wxEVT_LEFT_DCLICK, [](wxMouseEvent &)->void{
            // Create and display a modeless dialog.
            SideFrame * sf2 = new SideFrame("untitled"); // Note, a modeless dialog MUST be dynamically-allocated.
            (new wxPanel(sf2))->SetBackgroundColour(wxColour("#000000"));
        return this->wxApp::OnInit();

Note how a modeless dialog is to be created and deleted. Usually we create it like an ordinary dynamic object, and then deallocate it in a suitable handling method where we shall this->Destroy();.

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Thanks for your answer. But your Example don't run for me, I got the error: error: no matching function for call to 'wxFrame::Bind(const wxEventTypeTag<wxMouseEvent>&, CApp::OnInit()::<lambda(wxMouseEvent&)>) – Casisto May 26 '14 at 10:04
Thanks Men (or Women), you save my Life. I try a bit out and now its run for me (I edited a little bit your example, and now my Panel has a Name and a static text in it). You are a very big help! – Casisto May 26 '14 at 10:34

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