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I used the below puppet configuration for my vagrant file

exec {"apt-get update":
  path => "/usr/bin",

package {"apache2":
  ensure  => present,
  require => Exec["apt-get update"],

service { "apache2":
  ensure  => "running",
  require => Package["apache2"],

file {"/var/www/demo":
  ensure => "link",
  target => "/www",
  require => Package["apache2"],
  notify => Service["apache2"],

But I got the 403 error " You don't have permission to access /demo/ on this server." when trying to access [my guest ip address]/demo. May someone advise ?

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The apache process does not have access to your /www docroot.

You likely want to create this location with permissions that permit all users to read the web data. Do not make the www-data (or whatever user runs apache) the owner of the docroot - you don't want your web content writeable, as a rule.

Puppet can manage ownership for that whole tree, but that is rather expensive. It is often preferable to make sure that permissions are appropriate right after provisioning.

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I fixed it by changing the target into "/vagrant/www" – kungtu May 27 '14 at 7:58

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