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I have a running website and now i like to use WP for a couple of sub website/pages. So i am installing WP in subfolder, but now i am a bit clueless how to set up my index.html and .htaccess

I guess i need to make index.html to index.php so i can add


but that would load WP and not my running website.

Any advice on how to be able to run these URI as WP pages

mydomain.com/example-1 mydomain.com/example-2 mydomain.com/wpwebsite


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You can install WordPress in your subfolder, maybe /wordpress/, then you can change the index.php in your /wordpress/ folder from:




move index.php and .htaccess from your /wordpress/ folder to your main folder, now you should be able to change the pages. The other pages you would like to add without WordPress:

Create .php / .html files and put it in the main folder, these should be available, if you call the url of the .php / .html file.

The best way is to use WordPress for all your pages.

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