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I'm attempting to display:

  1. Linked Category Titles
  2. Category Descriptions (trimmed to custom length)
  3. Category "Readmore Styled Link
  4. A lists of Post Titles WITHIN that category, linking to the posts

I've accomplished tasks 1-3 with a Foreach loop, but I can't seem to display posts titles WITHIN each category through methods I've used in the past. The main thing is that I can't figure out how to run get_posts(); or a function like it with a variable in the $args array.

I feel this really needs to be done with a foreach loop, as I'm working with 20+ Categories. I've tried mixing / matching with a 3rd party shortcode plug-in, but due to "order of wp operations" that idea failed as well :( Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated as I've been spinning my wheels for the past 3-4 hours.

Source Code → http://pastebin.com/Mm9u27dF

Code Output:

<p class="topic-link-heading"><a href="http://localhost:81/wordpress/?cat=3" id="topic-link">Understanding Democratic Governance and Market Economy</a></p><p class="topic-list">There is an ongoing debate in academic circles and among practitioners on the linkages between democratic governance and market economies. It has intensified in light of transitions taking place after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Amidst expectations that all &hellip; <a href="http://localhost:81/wordpress/?cat=3" > Topic Overview &rarr;</a></p>3

Please Note

The "3" is only being displayed to show that the category ID variable is outputting correctly

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From what I understand, you want to display the posts for a specific category and you're having trouble doing it.

You're looping through the categories and I think you just need to use the query_posts function to query the relevant posts with the specific category (I've taken the code from the official documentation):

 $post_args = array(
'posts_per_page'   => 5,
'offset'           => 0,
'category'         => $category->term_id, //in your case.
'orderby'          => 'post_date',
'order'            => 'DESC',
'include'          => '',
'exclude'          => '',
'meta_key'         => '',
'meta_value'       => '',
'post_type'        => 'post',
'post_mime_type'   => '',
'post_parent'      => '',
'post_status'      => 'publish',
'suppress_filters' => true );

// The Query
query_posts( $post_args );

// The Loop
while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();
    echo '<li>';
    echo '</li>';

// Reset Query

To check if the posts are getting queried or not do something like this:

 $relevant_posts = query_posts( $post_args );
 print_r($relevant_posts); //Should print an associated array with the posts.

So you could populate the args variable with the specific category that you're fetching within the for loop and then just query the posts. Once you have the posts, you can refer to the links from easily. This documentation also might come in handy while looping through the posts.

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passing into the $post_args array 'category' => '$category' just shows all the posts from EVERY category which leads me to believe it is not being evaluated. If there a special syntax for, I guess you'd say rendering a variable before placing it in an array? –  Michael Roach May 26 '14 at 9:46
@MichaelRoach, it was just a template. The variable category would be set to the id of the category you're fetching. –  Vivek Pradhan May 26 '14 at 9:51
my attempt: pastebin.com/Zz8c1Zgg –  Michael Roach May 26 '14 at 10:09
I have edited my answer with the updated category id from the variable you're fetching. You don't have to surround it with single quotes. It would be considered a string and therefore try to fetch the posts with category '$category'. Also try to put the queried posts in a variable and print it, to debug any errors you are getting. –  Vivek Pradhan May 26 '14 at 10:34
I had tried it with / without quotes, and I still get the same result, this is REALLY stumping me. The posts are being queried, but I think something funky is going on with the array. The print array just listed out all the published posts info from EVERY category at the end. –  Michael Roach May 26 '14 at 11:38

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