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I've recently learned core Java and want to develop my skills further with practice of programming. Instead of starting out with my own project, i would like to follow a well documented and organized project which would help me understand the language better.

Can anyone please suggest some open source projects to get involved in ?

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look at

my personal favourite open source java project is JDownloader

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I would advise you go through some of the Free / Open Source Software sites that host the projects and start filtering your searches for Java projects with a high number of users / downloads, as they tend to be fairly mature and will allow you to start looking through them.

My main recommendation is Arianne ( It's won several awards and is quite professional. There are only two listed developers, and they seem quite friendly. Plus, it's a multi-tier video game engine, so there's plenty of fun you could get out of working on it.

Otherwise, check-out,, and for more possibilities.

If you want an early project with potential, there are plenty, but it can often be the luck of the drawer with those.

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Following are good places to contribute in open source projects..



I also Advise you to use Android (Mobile development) . You can make business apps and Mobile Apps using Android.

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