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I am trying to align my bitmap font text in my OpenGL application but I can't find anything on getting the width of each character. This is my renderText function:

def renderText( self, text, fontFace, position ):
    ..... (omitted code to make post shorter)
    glRasterPos2i( position[0], self.windowSize[1] - position[1] )
    glPushAttrib( GL_LIST_BIT )
    glListBase( self.fonts[ fontFace ] - 32 )
    glCallLists( text )

I create the bitmap font and use glGenList to store it.

    self.fonts[ fontFace ] = glGenLists( 96 )
    font = win32ui.CreateFont( fontProperties )
    font = hDisplayContext.SelectObject( font )
    wglUseFontBitmaps( displayContext, 32, 96, self.fonts[ fontFace ] )

Anyone know if it's possible to get the character widths or even just the final rendered text's total width? Thanks!

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I don't know how I missed that... thanks! –  Barakat Mar 5 '10 at 13:16

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