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I have to format a thesis-paper. A wrote the thesis with an Latex-template and it worked well. My thesis should now be published and therefor i have to re-format it a little. And thats where I stuck. The whole thesis should have font size 14pt. I achieved that with \documentclass[14pt]{thesis}. -> thesis here means the Latex class where the style is defined, I think <- . Next point is that headings should have 16 pt. I searched and read a lot and the only way I can change a heading is by using (chapter here is an example. I have this for sections, subsections and so on):

\titleformat{\chapter}[display]{\normalfont\huge\bfseries}{\chaptertitlename\ \thechapter}{10pt}{\Huge}

. The failure here is that \Huge is not 16pt. And I tried to put 16pt here, but it didnt work, it just put the "16pt" as a word beneath the chapter. I googled font sizes again and the only thing to change this font sizes I found is with \tiny...\Huge . So here's my question: How can I achieve to have 16pt headings? I think I have to put these concrete number 16pt somewhere, but I don't get where =(. Thanks for your help

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