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I have an entity class named 'education'

Part of its code shown below:

 * @ORM\Column(type="string", length=1024, nullable=true)
private $locationn;

public function setLocationn($locationn)
    $this->locationn = $locationn;
public function getLocationn()
    return $this->locationn;

I have added field named locationn in it, but when I set proxy auto generate to false it stops updating the value but it works fine with proxy auto generate set to true.

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That's expected. setAutoGenerateProxyClasses(false) is for production use and enables faster execution, because it does not check changes in source code files every time the app executes.

You should use CLI command orm:generate-proxies to regenerate proxy classes.

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Yes I have regenerated the proxies even then it is not working. Appreciate your answer. –  Jaskaran Singh May 26 '14 at 13:04
You should also clear your metadata cache. Use can use ArrayCache for development, but something like APC or Memcache storage for production. –  Ondřej Mirtes May 26 '14 at 17:56
Yes I am using APC cache for production and issue is on production only. When I work on development environment using array cache it works fine. –  Jaskaran Singh May 26 '14 at 18:09
So you should clear it when you're deploying a new version. Then you will have fresh metadata loaded up. –  Ondřej Mirtes May 26 '14 at 18:20

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