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For the sake of an example i have user_group- and a user-Model and I would like to build a simple REST-API in Cake.

The structure of the app would be that there is an index-page for the user_groups, where I can do all the CRUD for the group. In the next step I would like to pick a group, see all corresponding users and be able to do all the CRUD things with them as well.

Now for the question: how to build the routes? It is straight forward for the user_groups, but I am not sure how to pass the selected user_group to the user-model (as a GET-param or as a different route (app/{user_group_name}/user/index), or ..)

I am using the Router::mapResource function (and Cake 2.5). Note that I am mainly trying out angularjs, so agreed, that the example is not so sophisticated

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Why aren't you simply using query params for that?


Routes will do it as well:

    array('pass' => 'groupName')

Passing the $groupName as first arg to the action.

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That was my question whether or not that's the way to do it. Thanks! –  harpax May 27 '14 at 7:15

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