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I have build definition on my local TFS 2012. I want, when this is build starts, to build on each build agent, which name start with, for example, "AD". So. How can I modify the default build template (or may be download template), that get list of agent and filter by regex?

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You cannot use do this by changing the settings on the default template, you will need to change it completely and instead of having the template selecting one template, you need to create multiple agent scopes. This is a pretty complex procedure, very hard to explain in a simple text box. I recommend reading the ALM Rangers' Build Customization Guide (vsarbuildguide.codeplex.com/releases/view/87992) and possibly the book Inside the Microsoft Build Engine (amzn.to/1nq64Op). To query all build agents you probably also need to create a custom Build Activity. –  jessehouwing May 26 at 17:56

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