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How can I shared a list of array in Perl ?

My code in sub thread:

@token_list = (@token_list, [$token, time() + 1200]);

My code in main sub:

my @array1 = [];
my @token_list : shared = ();
$thr = threads->new(\&connect, $c, $r);
foreach my $token_tab (@token_list)                                    
   @array1 = @$token_tab;
   print "List content: $array1[0] $array1[1]\n";   

Because soft never enter into foreach

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The code you have posted does not demonstrate the problem. –  ikegami May 26 at 15:08
Have you specified "use strict;" in your script? If no, please added it. the token_list is scoped to be referenced in the main program, so the token_list you are setting is probably local to the routine (given what information you have posted). You can use "our" instead of "my" for the declaration which would make the access global (treat all token_list as one item) or you need to pass token_list as a reference as an argument for the thread and then use the reference in the routine. That way you can change the contents of the token_list array which you declared. –  Glenn May 26 at 21:37

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