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I am fairly new with puppet but not new to the server administration world.

I've managed to get a puppet master up and running as well as a puppet node on a different machine. I've been working on configuring the node as a web server. I've configured my first non SSL vhost and all seems well.

I've went to setup a SSL Vhost but this is where I am running in to what I suspect is a trivial problem. I have the SSL Key/Cert/CSR/Intermediate Chain file. However, after googling I cannot seem to be able to get these files copied over to the node, automatically, through puppet.

Any help would be welcomed!

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Need more information. I suspect you're using some apache puppet module downloaded from somewhere but not specifying which. –  rojs May 26 '14 at 22:30

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You want to organize your site manifest into modules. These allow you to store files in canonical locations so that you can deploy them to agents using the file type, e.g.

file { "/etc/apache2/ssl/chain-and-key.pem":
  ensure => file,
  source => "puppet:///mymodule/etc/apache2/ssl/chain-and-key.pem";
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