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I am trying to scrape a webpage every 5 minutes using a scheduled python script. The problem that I am having can be broken down into two parts:

  1. The website uses what appears to be Integrated Windows Authentication with a NEGOTIATE authentication header. For this reason urllib, mechanize etc have failed me so far. In order to have the authentication occur I am using Selenium WebDriver to open chrome and scrape.
  2. Using Selenium works great - does everything I want it to. The next problem occurs when I try to schedule the task using Task Scheduler. I am using a batch file to call the .py file, and the batch works fine when opened manually, however it will not open chrome when run via scheduled task.

If someone could solve either of these two problems for me it would be great.

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What is happening? Any errors? –  alecxe May 26 at 15:19
You want us to solve them for you? There are many freelancers available that will do jobs for a little $$. Try those sites. –  MxyL May 26 at 15:26

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