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I'm using Delphi 2007. How can I put a GIF/PNG image on a BitBtn component? (Preferably, with alpha transparency supported)

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PngComponents pack has a component named PngBitBtn wich can display correctly PNG's with alpha transparency. They are somewhat old, but they can be installed under Delphi 2007 with a little work.

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Use a graphics program like Photoshop (or something less expensive) to convert the images to bitmaps. BitBtns don't accept GIF or PNG images.

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But then transparency becomes an issue. –  delphist Oct 26 '08 at 22:50
From memory, Delphi had a little trick where it considered one of the corner pixels (top-left? bottom-left?) to be the "transparent" colour. Provided you leave that pixel as the colour you want to be transparent it should work, even for BMPs. –  Matt Hamilton Oct 26 '08 at 23:16
It's the bottom left pixel, but it's colour-key transparency only. If you want alpha-blended transparency, you need to use PNG in Delphi 2009. –  Tim Knipe Oct 27 '08 at 0:24
For conversion, you can use Paint.NET or IrfanView. Both are free. –  gabr Oct 27 '08 at 7:41
Weird - I see a lot of replies talking about alpha transparency, but I didn't get that from his question. He mentions GIF too - does GIF have an alpha channel? I don't remember. –  Matt Hamilton Oct 27 '08 at 7:48

PNG support is only fully supported by Delphi 2009. There is a freeware package (licensed as MPL 1.1) named GraphicEx which will allow you to load the images at design time/runtime, but you will not get the alpha blended transparency on the button in Delphi 2007.

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PNGimage, which is included in Delphi 2009k, should do the job. If we can find it.

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