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I have ul with some li's and user select multiple elements. My question is how to implement drag&drop with multiple elements?

<ul id="entries">
 <li class="selected">something</li>
 <li class"selected">something</li>

I have working method to drag element but it work only on current drag element not on every selected element:

enableDraggable: =>
$('#entries li').draggable({
  scroll: false,
  containment: 'table',
  helper: 'clone',
  helper: ->
    return $("<div class='ui_draggable_dragging entries_drag_helper'>"Test"</div>")
  start : (event, ui) ->
  stop: ->
  revert : true

enableDroppable: =>
$('.container a').droppable('destroy') if $('.container a').data('droppable')
$('.container a:not(.selected)').droppable(
  accept:       ".selected",
  drop:         @convertElements

Thanks for all answers.

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hey, you need to define something as a handle.. jqueryui.com/draggable/#handle so your handle will be the thing to grab by, and the child elements will move with it. –  JF it May 26 at 16:26
i don't know that It will help It define only a handle. I would like to grap all selected element in the same time –  user2239655 May 26 at 17:13
Did you try with adding class in selector like $('#entries li.selected')? –  malkam May 26 at 17:17
Yes tried to call enableDroppable in method which I use to select li's with $('#entries li.selected') but than I not work –  user2239655 May 26 at 17:30

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