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I've followed the examples that come with postsharp 1.5 .. And I've a two simple projects:

One has an aspect like this:

public class MyAspectAttribute : OnMethodBoundaryAspect
    public override void OnEntry(MethodExecutionEventArgs eventArgs)

In the other project I've a test case like this:

public class Test
    public void DoSomething()

In the same project of "test", I've the following test fixture:

public class TestFixture
    public void TestDoSomething()
        var a = new Test();

The code won't compile because a postsharp exception:

Error   2   Unhandled exception: System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'PostSharp.CodeModel.TypeDefDeclaration' to type 'PostSharp.CodeModel.IMethod'.
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.MethodLevelAspectWeaver.get_TargetMethod()
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.MethodLevelAspectWeaver.Initialize()
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.OnMethodBoundaryAspectWeaver.Initialize()
   at PostSharp.Laos.Weaver.LaosTask.Execute()
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.Project.ExecutePhase(String phase)
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.Project.Execute()
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.PostSharpObject.ExecuteProjects()
   at PostSharp.Extensibility.PostSharpObject.InvokeProject(ProjectInvocation projectInvocation)
   at PostSharp.MSBuild.PostSharpRemoteTask.Execute(PostSharpTaskParameters parameters, TaskLoggingHelper log)  MyExample.Tests

What should I do?

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It looks as a bug, but I wonder how your sample can cause this bug. Did you try with the latest build or just the RTM?

If the bug is not solved, can you send a repro (a self-contained command-line project) to support@sharpcrafters.com?

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I was with the RTM, I don't know.. I've started over with a new solution from scratch and it work like a charm. I'll see if I can make a repro. Thank you – José F. Romaniello Mar 7 '10 at 11:06
I'm facing the same issue with VS 2008. PostSharp 2.0. I created a new class library project in CS and add reference to PostSharp.dll and try to compile – usman shaheen Apr 6 '10 at 13:04
Same here under VS2010 PostSharp 2.0 Win7 x64. Pretty much the same code. – Maciek Sep 11 '10 at 12:56
Please send a small project reproducing the issue to support@sharpcrafters.com otherwise there's nothing I can do. Thank you. – Gael Fraiteur Sep 15 '10 at 19:06

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