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Let's say that i have a variable questionId which is an integer, and i want to find tr elements that have the fragment ("question_"+questionId) in their id. How can i do this? I thought that i would be able to do it with the jquery 'attribute contains' selector.

Eg, this works, for a non-dynamic value,


but, i can't work out how to plug the variable value in there. This doesn't work for example:

questionId = 7674;

Any ideas anyone? Is there a better way than 'attribute contains' to do it? I have the feeling i'm missing something obvious.

thanks, max

EDIT - SOLVED. doh, i am indeed missing something obvious. I keep forgetting that it's just a string, nothing more:


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You have error:

var questionId = 7674;
$("tr[id*='quiz_question_" + questionId + "']");


  1. Please use var to declare variables.
  2. questionId is a variable. It is not part of the selector. You should concatenate questionId to the string.
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Yep, you almost had it:

var selector = "tr[id*='quiz_question_" + questionId + "']";
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