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Whenever I use ExpectException I receive the following error: (There was also a ROLLBACK ERROR --> The current transaction cannot be committed and cannot be rolled back to a savepoint. Roll back the entire transaction.{Private_RunTest,140})

It appears that tSQLt is attempting a ROLLBACK after the fact that MSSQL has already performed the ROLLBACK due to the RAISERROR. I wrapped the following SELECT and SET statement in Private_RunTest with the following IF statement and it appeared to resolve the problem.

IF ISNULL(@ExpectException,0) <> 1 
    SELECT @Msg = COALESCE(@Msg, '') + ' (There was also a ROLLBACK ERROR --> ' + 
                  COALESCE(ERROR_MESSAGE(), '') + '{' + 
                  COALESCE(ERROR_PROCEDURE(), '') + ',' + 
                  COALESCE(CAST(ERROR_LINE() AS NVARCHAR), '') + '})';
    SET @Result = 'Error';

Is this truly a bug and/or an appropriate fix?

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Can you provide an example test case and code under test? Some errors, when thrown, create a situation where the transaction cannot be rolled back and no further writes can be made. When that happens, tSQLt has a problem because it cannot write a record to the test case log. However, each situation is a little different, so seeing your particular code could help. – dennislloydjr May 27 '14 at 16:36

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