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I wanted to put the name of the menu item inside the data-hover ""

This is my code on php

<nav class="menuprincipal cl-effect-5"> <? php wp_nav_menu (array ('theme_location' => 'main-menu', 'link_before' => '<span data-hover="">', 'link_after '=>' </ span> ')); >
 </ nav>

How I wish it was on printed on HTML:

<li id="menu-item-116" class="menu-item menu-item-type-taxonomy menu-item-object-product_cat menu-item-116">
<a href="http://shop.era420.com.br/categoria-produto/masculino/">
<span data-hover="Masculino"> Men </ span>
</ a>
</ li>
<li id="menu-item-114" class="menu-item menu-item-type-taxonomy menu-item-object-product_cat menu-item-114">
<a href="http://shop.era420.com.br/categoria-produto/feminino/">
<span data-hover="Feminino"> Female </ span>
</ a>
</ li>

Now he is not printing anything inside data-hover...


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