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So, apparently Roblox now has a way to Teleport players between places.

That's great, but for the game I have in mind I need to have very fine-grained control over which players are let into which servers (or as Roblox seems to call them, "place instances"). How can I explicitly teleport a player or group of players to a new place instance with no other players in it?

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You can find the relevant article on the wiki here

Here is an example code:

local AssetService = Game:GetService(“AssetService”)
local TeleportService = Game:GetService("TeleportService")

local NewPlaceName = "New place #: " .. math.random() * 100
local NewPlaceId = AssetService:CreatePlaceAsync(NewPlaceName , [ID of template] )

for i,Player in ipairs(Game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
    TeleportService:Teleport(NewPlaceId , Player)   

The code will make a new instance from an template with the id [ID of template] and then send all players in the current game to that instance.

You can get more control by using the DataStore (as seen in example)

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Hmm, that's an interesting solution. So you're saying I should create a new place for every server I want to run, and manage them with Datastores? – Ajedi32 Jun 12 '14 at 13:21
@Ajedi32 If you want to have full control over which players are in what server. You should use the DataStore to keep track on which players are in which servers, and then reuse empty ones. Remember that if a place goes empty it resets unless you use the save function. – ZombieSpy Jun 13 '14 at 5:39

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