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I want to implement a simple debug log, which consists of a table into which I insert insightful messages about the current state of a transaction. How do I stop inserts to this table being affected by rollbacks on the transaction that I'm trying to debug? In Oracle I can use PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION to ensure that the inserts are done outside of the transaction, but what are my options in T-SQL? How do you implement logging in your shop?

NB: I'm not using SQL Server, I'm using Sybase 12.5.

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Finally tracked down the Sybase manuals on line. According to the documents, it looks like your only way out is to log via RPC to an external log server.

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I'm not sure that your links work there, the URLs are both the same and it resolves to a description of global variables (at least for me). The advice on the other hand is spot on, sadly. –  ninesided Oct 27 '08 at 2:52
Stupid frame-based web sites and their broken navigation. I fixed it by changing to a single link to the root of the document tree. –  tvanfosson Oct 27 '08 at 2:57
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