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I am trying to spawn process with gtkmm but faced with problem. Specific snippet of code is next:

std::vector<std::string> args, envp;


Glib::spawn_async("", args, envp, Glib::SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH);`

Task is to open a pdf file that is installed in DATADIR(this var is defined with automake). This variable pushed in envp is essential for opening file using midnight commander's stuff and

MC_EXT_FILENAME="some_file" /usr/libexec/mc/ext.d/ open pdf 

will exactly open some_file with pdf viewer. Program compiles, works but when I trying to call function with these commands I get this:

(zathura:3014): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

and nothing happens. Same command from console results in opened pdf file with my pdf viewer(zathura). I found in devhelp such line:

If you are writing a GTK+ application, and the program you are spawning is a graphical application, too, then you may want to use gdk_spawn_on_screen() instead to ensure that the spawned program opens its windows on the right screen.

But no such function I found. May be there are some more elegant and correct way to open file with default user's pdf viewer without MC parts? If no how can make it works? Even better if it will be in C++ style without gdk_spawn_on_screen.

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So, as a simple workaround I've found is such code

setenv("MC_EXT_FILENAME", DATADIR"/bsbguide.pdf", true);
Glib::spawn_command_line_async("/usr/libexec/mc/ext.d/ open pdf");
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