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Any suggestions on how to resolve this test error. The database has records which I try to fetch during test and run the test against. I am using minitest 5.3.3, rails 4.1.1 app and ruby 2.0.0p247

The test output and error thrown:

 Finished in 0.017919s, 167.4200 runs/s, 55.8067    assertions/s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  1)       Error:                                                                                                                                                                                     
   NoMethodError: undefined method `rate' for nil:NilClass 

Which is caused by this line that uses activerecord scopes to query the database. So I try to get the record nd then get the value of the rate from the fetched record:

d = Ff::BendRate.by_counter(letter_b)

The test class:

 module Ff
   class BendRateTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase

     def test_class_method
       m = Ff::BendRate.convert('2014-05-06', 10, 'us', 'gb')
       assert_equal 5, m

The model is shown below:

 module Ff
  class BendRate < ActiveRecord::Base
    scope :by_counter, -> (letter) {where(letter: letter) } 

    def self.convert(date, amount, letter_a, letter_b)
     Bender.new(date, letter_a, letter_b).converter(amount)


The Bender class that we instantiate in the model above:

  class Bender

   def initialize(date = Date.today, letter_a, letter_b)
     @letter_a =  letter_a
     @letter_b = letter_b
     @date = date

   def attempter
    baseup(@letter_a, @date)
    counterup(@letter_b, @date)

   def converter(amount = 10)
    @rate = attempter
    (@rate * amount.to_f).round(4)


   def counterup(letter_b, date)
     d = Ff::BendRate.by_counter(letter_b) 
     e = d.first
     @counteracting = e.rate.to_f
     @counter_up_rate = (@counteracting / @baserater).round(4)

   def baseup (leter_a, date)
    a = Ff::BendRate.by_counter(letter_a) 
    b = a.first
    @baserater = b.rate.to_f
    @base_to_base = ( @baserater / @baserater).round(4)
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Your test do not show, why it should return 5 items, you do not have any code which insert manually or by fixtures. You should explicitly show in your tests that you added all needed records, and then check that your methods working correctly with that data.

Elsewhere my steps which I'd use to find the problem:

  1. Write test for BendRate#converter - it should fail with the same error
  2. Write test for Bender#attempter - it should fail with the same error, too
  3. Write tests for scope BendRate.by_counter for two cases letter_a and letter_b - it will fail because you have not setup data

or cheater way:

 def test_class_method
   p Ff::BendRate.all
   m = Ff::BendRate.convert('2014-05-06', 10, 'us', 'gb')
   assert_equal 5, m
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thanks. 5 is what I get in the rails console when I call Ff::BendRate.convert('2014-05-06', 10, 'us', 'gb'), hence I expected it to return thesame value when thesame command is called from the test with the intention of hitting the database. With the fixtures have suggested, I won't be hitting the database and I want to hit the db. what is your view on that? –  brg May 26 '14 at 23:14
@brg, maybe I have misunderstanding, elsewhere: * have you run rails console in test ENV? * I'm not clea understand, what does "hit" mean in this context. If hit is accessing DB by real request, then fixtures will use real database: guides.rubyonrails.org/testing.html#the-low-down-on-fixtures –  Paul N. May 26 '14 at 23:21
Sorry that I wasn't clear. No I didn't run rails console in test ENV?. I only ran rails console in development to see what value is returned when I run the command ** Ff::BendRate.convert('2014-05-06', 10, 'us', 'gb')**. Yes, by hit I meant accessing BD by real request to fetch record in this case using the scope defined in the model. When I run ** Ff::BendRate.convert('2014-05-06', 10, 'us', 'gb')**, it calls another method that fetches record from the db using activerecord scopes. I will read that link now. thanks –  brg May 26 '14 at 23:35

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