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Is there a possibility to get the String of the page's information in the about section? An Example: https://www.facebook.com/FacebookDevelopers Here is the info: "Build, grow, and monetize your app with Facebook. https://developers.facebook.com/"

I found out that the Facebook graph api supports this by the Field about on a Page.

Thanks for help in advance!

Best regards, Dominic

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Seems like the about field on the page object is what you want? You can read about it here: developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v2.0/page –  WizKid May 26 at 23:48
Yes, this is what I want. As the topic signalize I want to get it with the Facebook4J Java library –  Dominic May 26 at 23:53
So what have you tried? –  WizKid May 26 at 23:54
I got the Page object. Although I cannot find any functionality which can give me the desired Field. I took a look in the documentation and tried all possible methods. I don't know what getCover()do. It returns always null –  Dominic May 27 at 0:01
Looks like Facebook4j don't have all fields. You will need to change Facebook4j or use some other lib. Or sending the request by yourself somehow so you get the raw result back and not a Page object back –  WizKid May 27 at 0:07

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