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Hi i have tried for two days to run this code example from Quartz Scheduler simple trigger. This example show a code to run a schedule job for every two days but my compiler return error

Tutorial site http://quartz-scheduler.org/documentation/quartz-2.2.x/cookbook/BiDailyTrigger

Trigger trigger = TriggerBuilder //error: non-static method withIdentity(String,String) cannot be referenced from a static
    .withIdentity("trigger3", "group1")
            .startAt(tomorrowAt(15, 0, 0)
            .withSchedule(simpleSchedule()   //error:cannot find  symbol:   method withSchedule(SimpleScheduleBuilder)
            .withIntervalInHours(2 * 24) // interval is actually set at 48    hours' worth of milliseconds

is there any of good folk here can help me point out what is my mistake. Really appreciate your help.

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i am using quartz jar library version 2.2.1. if this help i run this code from main(String[] args) –  beNice May 27 '14 at 1:24
have anybody tried the tutorial?, i have followed all the instruction but still have error. maybe this is just a newbie mistake and i am hoping for experience people to guide me on this :) –  beNice May 27 '14 at 1:43

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The sample you linked to uses newTrigger() but you are using TriggerBuilder. newTrigger() is a static method on TriggerBuilder - use it.

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yes you are correct, it was a silly mistake of me –  beNice May 29 '14 at 6:05

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