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I work on project in pl/sql and need to secure a part of a website by login form. I wrote package UI to show authentication(login, password) form and other forms. But how can I create an user session if the login and password are correct and show the logged view ??

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Are you using mod_plsql for your web application? –  Martin Schapendonk May 27 '14 at 9:54
@MartinSchapendonk yes I use mod_plsql for my web application –  Franky May 27 '14 at 10:13

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Create your own table in the database to store session related information:

create table web_sessions(
  session_id varchar2(32)
, variable varchar2(32)
, value varchar2(4000)

Use DBMS_RANDOM to generate a random string as session identifier and use OWA_COOKIE to store it in a cookie.

Your login page should do:

  1. Set session cookie with random string
  2. Check username/password
  3. If username/password are correct, store successful login in your session table
  4. Redirect to main application page

Every page in your application should check:

  1. Get the session cookie
  2. If session does not exist (or is not valid), redirect to login page
  3. Show authenticated content

This should get you going.

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