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I am using python-RTSP to run RTSP using Twisted and Python3. I am trying access RTSP information for the youtube link using above configuration. Ihave to use Python3 as my remaining code is in Python3.

I am sending command using

self.sendLine('%s %s RTSP/1.0' % (command, path))

where Command is DESCRIBE and Path is the url


I get Error with following statement:

File "/home/akshay_v/valuconnex-python/twisted/protocols/basic.py", line 637, in sendLine
        return self.transport.write(str(line + self.delimiter))
    builtins.TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly

self.delimiter = b'\r\n'
line is the *str* passed as argument in above statement.

How to get this working?

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Why this b'\r\n'? –  Tim Castelijns May 27 '14 at 6:18
Why the b prefix? –  Tim Castelijns May 27 '14 at 6:48
It is there in the library used. When I try to modify it to a string, error shows up that the 'Data cannot be unicode' –  aeroaks May 27 '14 at 7:03
Why don't you use RTSPClient.sendCommand() instead of copy pasting the code that function uses –  Tim Castelijns May 27 '14 at 7:05
Actually RTSP.sendCommand() uses twisted/protocols/basic.py's sendLine(). The line in above error is the argument passed by sendCommand(). –  aeroaks May 27 '14 at 7:13

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As Jean-Paul says, you can't use Python 3 to run python-RTSP.

If you're curious about the exact nature of this failure, the issue is that transport.write takes a bytes object. On Python 2 that is the same type as str, on Python 3 it is its own type. The type that is analagous to Python 3's str on Python 2 is unicode, and you can't write unicode to a socket, so you can't pass it to transport.write.

However, the line of code you're showing there in twisted.protocols.basic looks like an incorrectly-modified version of Twisted; I can't find a version of Twisted that has ever called str in that location. How did you get this version of Twisted, and have you tried upgrading to the most recent release (14.0.0 as of this writing)?

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Thanks, Updated Twisted (to 14.0.0). And Converting string to bytes before using sendLine command. Able to Move ahead. Thanks for the Detailed answer. –  aeroaks May 28 '14 at 6:37

It doesn't appear as though python-RTSP has been ported to Python 3 yet. Try running it on Python 2.7 (or perhaps even Python 2.6, as its README suggests) instead. Python 3 is incompatible with Python 2 and software that has not been ported to it will not work.

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Thanks for the Information. –  aeroaks May 28 '14 at 6:35

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