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I have a problem with using the ORM and creating a has and belongs to many self join using Kohana 2.3.4

I have this table


ID | Title | etc......

I need to be able to link tasks to other tasks, a task can have multiple children, and multiple parents. So I was thinking of having this table.


ID | task_1_id | task_2_id

To link the tasks to each other, but I can't work out in Kohana how to set the foreign keys correctly for the relationships, or if it is possible at all?

Can anyone suggest an answer? Or even better, a better solution?

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Kohana 2.4 hasn't actually been released yet, so you'd get better luck asking on the Kohana forum and IRC room. –  The Pixel Developer Mar 6 '10 at 15:20
Hi thank for your answer, you're right, I am using 2.3.4 –  Bowen Mar 8 '10 at 9:35

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Instead of extending ORM you should be extending ORM_Tree. This is built for just this type of relationship. Take a look at system/libraries/ORM_Tree.php.

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