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Since I am having issues with a large Domino Agent, I wanted to be able to profile it. I've heard lots of lovely things about Yourkit, and followed the instructions in David Leedy's video:

I have created a text file, YourKitOptionsFile.txt with the following line:


and added this line to my notes.ini:

JavaOptionsFile=C:\Program Files\IBM\Domino\YourKitOptionsFile.txt

The Server is Domino 9.0.1 and the YourKit version is 2013 build 13082. OS is Windows 8.1 (can't afford Server license).

All the documentation I have found enables us to connect to the JVM run by nhttp.exe but I am interested in the JVMs with Amgr.exe.

Is this at all possible?

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Doesn't look possible. I'm answering my own question with a resounding 'no'

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