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I am making a language translation app for iPhone. Just wanted to ask how to get the translation database for different langauges? I am sure one can't manually enter each and every word of so many languages! Please help.

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Just refer the link contains the little database, it may useful:




If not found in this database, Just go with translator and store that word in your database.In feature it will retrive the word from your database for that particular word.

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thanks the page seems really useful but I am getting confused on how to use it? Is there any tutorial for that? –  user3678609 May 27 at 8:11
for glosbe.com/about use this api glosbe.com/a-api. and for this omegawiki.org/Help:Downloading_the_data download the that file and import that into your db, that will guide you well. –  Velmurugan S May 27 at 9:32
Sir can you please provide me with a tutorial on using glosbe api? It would be really helpful. –  user3678609 May 29 at 7:14
just try by using the documentation in this page glosbe.com/a-api –  Velmurugan S Jun 2 at 10:30

You can use various API which is made for Translation . Like Google,Mygengo,Microsoft traslation API,WebServiceX Translate API.

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which one out of these would be the most useful and free? because google one is paid service now. –  user3678609 May 27 at 8:09
Others i mentioned except google is free. –  Bullet Raja May 27 at 8:31

Localization on iOS is done through using a macro...

NSLocalizedString(@"The string", @"Description");

You can then generate the translation files for the app using a terminal tool called genstrings.

The final translation though is just a case of going through these files and translating the text.

You can read more about it on Ray Wenderlich's Site.

I'd also recommend this site as a good start for a lot of iOS things.

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wouldn't localization convert the whole text of the app in another langauge? how would I just translate the text entered by the user in the text field? –  user3678609 May 27 at 8:08
or would it be better if I ask how to localize only a string ? –  user3678609 May 27 at 8:15
Ah, in that case you want to use a translation service like @BulletRaja suggested. There's no way you're going to be able to store all possible words in a DB. –  Fogmeister May 27 at 8:24

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