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I'm looking at a new project and we are wanting to use Flex (to provide the easy integration with AIR and provide a desktop app for our project). How easy does CakePHP play with Flex or is there a better PHP framework to use with Flex, or should we use none?

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Anything that is PHP based can benefit from AMFPHP to that matter.

There's a project in Cakeforge that tries to create that bridge, although I think it's a bit outdated.

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I'm a Rails + Flex guy, but IIRC, CakePHP is very similar to Rails. Assuming that's true, the MVC architecture works quite well with a Flex front end.

Really the only difference between a Flex app and a regular HTML app is returning XML for Flex to interpret instead of HTML for the browser to interpret. From that perspective, pairing Flex with any MVC framework is a good idea over going with flat PHP.

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