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I have some 1D points and now I want to fit it into a curve. By chance, a suggestion is to use B-spline curve. I want to create B-spline curve from some n control points (some 1D points) and order (degree) k by using code C++. Could Can anyone suggest me any sample code in C++ or guide/ explain link, please? Thank you in advance.

Here is illustrate figure enter image description here

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Try looking at Spline, B-Spline and NURBS C++ library from Stack Overflow or GNU Scientific Library – Reference Manual: Example programs for B-splines

(A simple search in Google)

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Thank you in advance. –  user2745692 May 27 at 12:22
if it helped - kindly approve my answer –  NirMH May 27 at 12:23
Require 15 reputation to vote up for you. I only have 11 reputation. I can not. Sorry about that. And for the above link, it is so complicated for me. I have not ever use GNU library. It is diff for me to read it. Could you suggest simple library? –  user2745692 May 27 at 13:28
@user2745692 - click on the "V" sign. try to search in google –  NirMH May 27 at 13:35

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