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I am trying to send an email using SwiftMailer bundle on Symfony. I am able to send a mail through the command :

From: myemail
To: emailRecipient
Subject: Hi
Body: This is a test
Sent 1 emails

After submitting my form, I would like to send my email. I can see them on my production server :


So I tried to send them using :

swiftmailer:spool:send --env=prod

Finally I get :

Processing default mailer... 0 emails sent

[swiftmailer] Current mailers
Name                     Transport Spool Delivery Single Address
default (default mailer) smtp      YES   YES   

My config.yml file :

# Swiftmailer Configuration
    transport: smtp
    host:      myhost
    username:  ~
    password:  ~
        type: file
        path: "%kernel.root_dir%/spool"

I don't know why no emails are sent...

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Are your mails being saved into %kernel.root_dir%/spool? Maaybe this is a file permissions issue, your application just cannot write into this file? – Vera May 28 '14 at 7:53
Yes they are. I checked the permission file : spool/default has got 0755 but for my emails I've got 644. I tried to change the permission but it says I cannot due to "Permission denied". The owner is www-data.. Do you know how can I change file permission ? – scamp May 28 '14 at 8:09

it turns out that my gmail recipient address caused that. Maybe gmail classified my email address as a spam or refused to send my message. But I've got nothing on my gmail spam folder...


it refuses to send an email for all address which doesn't have the same host. For instance : it sends only emails with So :

doesn't work 

But :

is working

As a remainder :

$transport = \Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance("", 25);

    $mailer = \Swift_Mailer::newInstance($transport);

    $message = \Swift_Message::newInstance()
            ->setContentType("text/plain; charset=UTF-8")
            ->setBody($body, 'multipart/alternative')
            ->addPart($body, 'text/html')
            ->addPart($bodyPlain, 'text/plain');
    if (!$mailer->send($message, $failures)) {
        echo "Failures:";

What i've got as a failure :

Failures:Array ( [0] => ) 
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Finally I just changed the transport :

transport: sendmail
host:      /usr/bin/sendmail
username:  ~
password:  ~
spool:     { type: memory }

My email is send without using the Symfony command but I've still got my problem of sending an email to gmail address failure.

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