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I'm working on a web application that will have a custom UI for the iPhone platform. At the moment I have my Apple laptop but I'm away from a wired or wi-fi Internet connection. I want to run the app on the laptop and then preview it on the iPhone. Is this possible?

I created an ad hoc wireless (AirPort) connection on the Mac and could join it successfully from my iPhone, but when I tried to access the app using its host.local:port address in Mobile Safari it couldn't see it. I have Web sharing enabled on the Mac.

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Did you try typing the IP address of the Mac instead? –  pgb Mar 5 '10 at 17:12
It doesn't work and strangely I don't get the wi-fi icon in the status bar on the iPhone when in Mobile Safari, even though it's joined the ad hoc network OK. –  John Topley Mar 5 '10 at 21:01

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In my company we made test in local via a wifi router and it works fine.

If your machine IP is for example you have to use this IP to make the connection from your iPhone to your Mac.

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This works, but only if you go via a wireless router. Also, it only seems to work if you're serving the application through the Mac's built-in Apache web server. –  John Topley Mar 9 '10 at 18:33

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