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My application is deployed on port 8080 on JBoss 6. I used Apache as Web Server on 80 port and connected to JBoss application server by MOD_JK. When i open application with public URL on 8080, speed is Okey. But When i open through domain then speed is very slow as it connect to JBoss server through AJP Connector.

What can i do to get speed as with public URL. Can i discard Apache and directly run jboss 80.

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When you say "through domain" do you mean you are running JBoss6 in domain mode (not standalone mode) or do you mean something else? –  Disco 3 May 27 at 10:01
when i open www.xyz.com then it is slow. But when i open like, it is ok. I make call to my application using apache mok_jk connector. –  Ashish Agarwal May 27 at 11:55
And do you see this slowness just with a single request (not when load testing and not when lots of other users are using the system) ? –  Disco 3 May 28 at 8:40

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