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I am using "GeckoFx-29.0-0.6" for having a firefox web browser control in Windows Form application.

I like to get the web control cookies in some way or other.

Using CookieManager.RemoveAll(); I am able to clear the cookies successfully.

I saw the following link also

C# How to get cookies from GeckoWebBrowser control

and tried the same But I am getting the same issue which he face.

Also I feel that the actual FireFox browser cookies and Gecko cookies are different. Is my assumption correct?

I also if possible I need to access the Gecko web browser cookies from other desktop application that we develop. It that possible ?

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Yes geckofx will use a different profile to the system firefox and so should use a different place to store its cookies. (iirc you can change the profile directory that geckofx uses) –  Tom May 27 at 15:19
@Tom Thanks. I will try changing profile directory. –  Praveen Kumar Jun 3 at 3:15

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Just use CookieContainer.GetCookiesFromHost(string host) or CookieContainer.GetEnumerator() to get all.

Note than host must have the format ".domain.com" with the initial dot.

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