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I am trying to show webpage in android webview. Webpage has a lot of processing. it will crash sometime. I saw a log files. but not OutOfMemory.

But I suspected memory problems. I know use native memory if use webview. so I used this logs below.

Log.d("H","DalvikMaxHeapSize : "+(Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()/(1024* 1024))+ "MB");

Log.d("H","AllocatedHeapSize : "+(Debug.getNativeHeapAllocatedSize()/(1024* 1024))+ "MB");

results :

D/HeapSize(25466): Dalvik Max heap size   : 70MB

D/HeapSize(25466): Heap Allocated size    : 416MB 

if the allocated native heap size is greater than a dalvik heap size, Running processes has died by ActivityManager.

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so it looks like the JavaScript in the page is allocating too much memory forcing the system to kill your app. What's your question? –  marcin.kosiba May 29 '14 at 8:27

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