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I have a lot of files with has_attached_file method from paperclip but without :default_url; now I want to use the same image for all of them but I don't want to go from file to file and add this :default_url line for each file. There are some solution to set this in one place and will work for all the has_attached_file method calls? I tried to do it in this way, but seems like it does not have any effect

module Paperclip
  module ClassMethods
    def has_attached_file(name, options = {})
      options[:default_url] => Rails.root + "/missing.png"
      HasAttachedFile.define_on(self, name, options)
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You are about to make it work – just change options[:default_url] => Rails.root + "/missing.png" to options[:default_url] = Rails.root + "/missing.png" (= instead of =>).

However, I suggest a better solution:

module Paperclip
  module ClassMethods
    def has_attached_file_with_preconfigured_default_url(name, options = {})
      options.reverse_merge! default_url: Rails.root + "/missing.png"
      has_attached_file_without_preconfigured_default_url(name, options)
    alias_method_chain :has_attached_file, :preconfigured_default_url

# Now you could use both new has_attached_file and old has_attached_file_without_preconfigured_default_url.

And place this code into initializer.

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works, thanks a lot –  maki May 27 at 10:06
You are welcome! –  Sergey Alekseev May 27 at 10:26

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