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In MDX I need to define a measure that is calculated for all months except last N months. For measure that becomes NULL in last 2 months I did this:

DEFINE Member '[Cube].[Measures].[my measure]' AS 
'iif([DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER is 
[DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].[All Months from hierarchy].LastChild.LastChild.Lag(1)
OR [DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER is 
[DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].[All Months from hierarchy].LastChild.LastChild,
NULL,[Measures].[Measure XXX])';

And this works fine, but now I need to create lots of measures that should be NULLed in last 2, 4, 6 and 12 months. Above solution would work but would be very messy, so my question is: Is there an MDX function / operator that allows to do somenting like this:

[DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER between STH


[DateDimension].[DateHierarchy].CURRENTMEMBER >= 


I checked the GT (greater or equal ) operator but this works only for comparing measures

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