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Another user has made several changes in different places throughout a specific project.

How do I see which files have been checked-in by a specific user?

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From the command line issue:

tf history $/ProjectName /user:domain\user /recursive /noprompt

That will list all the changesets of that user

Then issue:

tf changeset 12345 /noprompt

To list all the changes in that changeset.

Currently I can't think of one command which will give you both. But you might be able to use Powershell or a custom console app that leverages the TFS Client Object Model to piece something together that does.

enter image description here

tf.exe can be found in the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio {VISUAL STUDIO VERSION}\Common7\IDE. The easiest way to use it, is to open the command prompt using the "Visual Studio / Developer Command Prompt" item in the start menu that is created when you install Visual Studio.

enter image description here

As Tim Mentions, you can use the TFS Side Kicks to query this information as well. For Visual Studio 2010, this is still a stand alone application, for Visual Studio 2013 it nicely integrates into the Source Control Explorer context menu:

enter image description here

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Sorry not so good with command line, I am getting "'tf' is not recognised" - Do I need to be in a specific directory to do this? How do I to the point where "tf history $/ProjectName /user:domain\user /recursive /noprompt" will work for me? – GIVE-ME-CHICKEN May 27 '14 at 10:00
Just to note that in my circumstance, I didnt have to put in the domain part for the user in 'tf history $/ProjectName /user:domain\user /recursive /noprompt'. It seems in my circumstance it was added automatically. – GIVE-ME-CHICKEN May 27 '14 at 13:20
So what worked for me was tf history . /user:FooB\Ben.Foo /recursive /prompt – GIVE-ME-CHICKEN Jun 4 '14 at 12:30

tfs sidekicks using the history sidekick will give you a GUI version of what the user's touched.

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Yes, that's right, the TFS Sidekicks provide a couple of great ways to query TFS from outside of Visual Studio. I hadn't used them for so long that I'd forgotten all about them. Thanks for the reminder. – jessehouwing May 27 '14 at 13:36

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