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I'm used to C# winforms and Visual studio, but now i have to make a GUI application using gnsdk - gracenote C API. I found that i can compile C in Visual Studio in that answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/2160954 it states that i can use mfc/win32/console but i'd like to use vc++ windows forms (i'd like to just drag and drop buttons and controls just like in c# winforms, so i dont have to learn new gui and just focus on core program functions). How can i do it in fastest and simpliest way? (i don't want to learn c/c++ that much, i just have to make one time school project)

  1. Can i just use C++ winforms/project and use C API library functions when needed and MSVS will handle the rest?
  2. What exactly i have to do(configure, include) to make winforms(win32 if winforms are not possible) project running when set to compile as C?
  3. How can i add C API to winforms project?

I also found this vid : http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Sam/C-Language-Programming-with-Visual-Studio-2010-Ultimate-Pro-or-VC-Express which shows how to make C console applications in VS, but i'd like to know how to make GUI C apps in VS.

Sorry for my english,im not native speaker. Any help will be appreciated.

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