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I've a table from which I'm calculating current number of rows between two dates and using the resultant value in my 'to be inserted' rows in that same table.

I'm having issue is when two concurrent requests comes A1 and A2 and want to store new rows at same time (after calculation above), both have same resultant, say 10 rows. Even though A1 should have 10, while A2 should get 11.

Both transactions are conflicting. So I need to lock the table. I know the lock function that is,


but issue is this will lock only a row, and I want to lock the whole table(entity) as I'm calculating total number of rows.

Please advise.

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As far as i know you cannot lock the whole table with JPA. But of course you can use native queries to do that. Why don't you use a sequence like this in you entity:

@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO)
private Long id;

You would be able to work parallel instead of running one after the other.

If you really insist on making in one after the other you can also have a little table with one column and one row. There you can use


But I would not advise this.

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