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I wrote a function that change css background image every 1 second base on interval, and its all working fine, the problem is that now i want to stop the function that switches the background image and the interval setup keep overwriting me.

my code:

  var backgrounds = new Array(
, 'url(/srv/admin/img/announcement/envelope_red.png)'


var current = 0;

function nextBackground() {   
    current = current % backgrounds.length;
    jQuery("#open_msg_tlbr_img").css('background-image', backgrounds[current]);

setInterval(nextBackground, 1000);

jQuery("#open_msg_tlbr_img").css('background-image', backgrounds[0]);    

I tried using : clearInterval();

how do i stop this monster?

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Please look up documentation on functions you're using, before asking questions like this on SO. The setInterval docs have a link to the function you need. –  Cerbrus May 27 '14 at 10:08

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Use a variable to hold the return value of setInterval and then clear it:

var interval = setInterval(nextBackground, 1000);
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You are not assigning object returned by setInterval so that you can clear it later, Pass the object returned by setInterval to clear in clearInterval function. Note you would need a global variable to be used in more then one functions.

Assigning object returned by setInterval

intr = setInterval(nextBackground, 1000);

Passing setInterval reference object to clearInterval

clearInterval(intr );
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setInterval() returns an interval ID, which you can pass to clearInterval():

var nxtBckgrnd = setInterval(nextBackground, 1000);

/* later */
clearInterval(nxtBckgrnd );



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