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I have a very specific situation where I want to force an instance of a model not valid.

Something like this:

user = User.new
user.valid? #true
user.valid? #false

Any way to achieve that?


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You can do:

validate :forced_to_be_invalid

def make_not_valid!
  @not_valid = true


def forced_to_be_invalid
  errors.add(:base, 'has been forced to be invalid') if @not_valid
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Brilliant! Buy this man a beer! –  bymannan May 27 at 10:54
This is good, but it invalidates the whole class and not just an instance. Unless @broisatse implies class << before his code. –  jforberg Jul 13 at 18:43
@jforberg - @not_valid is an instance variable, so it will only make given instance invalid. –  BroiSatse Jul 13 at 18:50
@BroiSatse Oh, yes of course. Sorry, I was thinking about my specific use case. –  jforberg Jul 13 at 21:20

Another variant that I found useful for testing:

invalid_instance = MyModel.new
class << invalid_instance
  validate{ errors.add_to_base 'invalid' }
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