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I need to compare values between two dictionaries with DIFFERENT keys, and put the results in the third dictionary. Input:

a={1:[0,0], 2:[1,0], 3:[1,2]}
b={4:[1,2], 5:[1,3]}

Output: I want to have two out dictionaries, both of them will have keys copied from 'b'. In all cases I would like to ignore entries '0'. The first output shows how many keys in 'a' had the exact same value as key in b.

c={4:3, 5:0}

The second output dict shows how many keys in 'a' had 1 (and only 1) value the same as key in b.

d={4:[2], 5:[2,3]}

I tried doing this like that:


for k, v in b.iteritems():
    TST_s, TST_d= v[0], v[1]
    for each, every in a.iteritems():
        TRN_s, TRN_d= every[0], every[1]
        if TST_s == TRN_s and TST_d==TRN_d:
        elif TST_s == TRN_s and TST_d!=TRN_d:
        elif TST_s!= TRN_s and TST_d==TRN_d:

But I'm getting

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append'

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS. I know that the code could be simplified, but I am not very talented when it comes to programing, plus I haven't accounted for '0' yet which I want to remove at a later stage. At the moment I just want to get it to produce output...

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What is the question? The error seems pretty clear –  Tim Castelijns May 27 at 13:36
@wumm why the rollback? –  Tim Castelijns May 27 at 13:44
@TimCastelijns You shouldn't change the original code, specially not correct any errors. It's better to leave a comment, so that the author learns what's wrong about. stackoverflow.com/help/editing –  wumm May 27 at 13:48
In your post b=[4:[1,2], 5:[1,3]] for example, both a and b is a list of dicts not a dict. Please correct your question –  dawg May 27 at 13:49
@wumm ah of course you're right, I confused myself –  Tim Castelijns May 27 at 13:54

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c[k] and d[k] is None because dict.fromkeys(b.keys()) returns {4:None, 5:None}

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I see... Thank you very much. –  branwen85 May 27 at 14:08

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