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For an application build on Spring MVC + Groovy + Google App Engine i need simple XML serializer/marchaller.

I'v tried:

  • XStream - it doesn't work on Google App Engine, because it uses restricted (at GAE) classes
  • Jaxb2 - it doesn't work with Groovy classes, because groovy class have additional (hidden) fields (like metaClass, etc)
  • XmlBeans as I understand can be used only for deserializing from XML to Java Beans
  • Castor seems to be big overhead (i don't need any XMLSchema and so on)

I want to just dump class to the corresponding XML, and i want to configure tag names using some simple config (java annotations, for ex), without XMLSchema/DTD

So, requirements is:

  • usable at Google App Engine
  • no XMLSchema/DTD
  • simple configuration
  • fast
  • it's enough only object->xml
  • maven2 support
  • groovy support (or manually configured list of used fields)
  • (optional) spring integration

Can anyone recommend me an good tool for this?

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I don't know if there is a lib which fits your requirements, but you could take a look into that list:

e.g. the simple lib is a good candidate

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