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 class A {
     String a

 class B extends A {
     String b

Now I want to set both properties via map construction when creating an instance of B

 def instance = new B(a: "foo", b: "bar")
 assert instance.b != null 

Only it doesnt work.

Actually it does work in pure Groovy but it doesnt work with Grails domain objects in Spock tests.

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The following test passes with Grails 2.3.8.

A super classs...

// grails-app/domain/inheritedproperties/SuperClass.groovy
package inheritedproperties

class SuperClass {
    String a

A subclass...

// grails-app/domain/inheritedproperties/SubClass.groovy
package inheritedproperties

class SubClass extends SuperClass {
    String b

A Spock spec...

// test/unit/inheritedproperties/SubClassSpec.groovy
package inheritedproperties

import grails.test.mixin.TestFor
import spock.lang.Specification

class SubClassSpec extends Specification {

    void "test binding inherited properties"() {
        def instance = new SubClass(a: 'A', b: 'B')

        'A' == instance.a
        'B' == instance.b
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thanks. It seems my problem stemmed from the fact that I was running test-appfrom within a running grails instance and that grails seems to have some serious problems when changing domain object. If I let my tests run via grails test-app the problem vanishes –  robkuz May 27 '14 at 16:17

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