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I have a daemon, which runs with admin privileges. I'm trying to find which session a particular process belongs.

Looking at the call to sysctl, it returns the struct kinfo_proc, including these members:-

struct kinfo_proc {
struct  extern_proc kp_proc;            /* proc structure */
struct  eproc {
    struct  session *e_sess;    /* session pointer */
    pid_t   e_pgid;         /* process group id */

I call sysctl with this function: -

struct kinfo_proc* getProcList(size_t* size)
    struct kinfo_proc* list = NULL;

    int mib[] = {CTL_KERN, KERN_PROC, KERN_PROC_ALL, 0};

    ERROR_CHECK(sysctl(mib, sizeof(mib) / sizeof(*mib), NULL, size, NULL, 0));

    list = (struct kinfo_proc*)malloc(*size);
    ERROR_CHECK(sysctl(mib, sizeof(mib) / sizeof(*mib), list, size, NULL, 0));

    return list;

    if(list) {
    return NULL;

Where the ERROR_CHECK macro simply jumps to ERROR if the call to sysctl fails.

The call always succeeds and returns around 250 processes. However, the values for the e_sess pointer is always 0, as is the value for e_pgid.

So, am I doing something wrong here and should these values be populated, or are they supposed to be returning zero, as I am seeing?

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