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I have the code for getting IMEI in windows phone. Now i need a solution to get IMEI and other device related information from a windows store app. How can I achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated.

-Regards, Ansary.R

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For obvious privacy reason, this won't be possible. –  Steve B May 27 at 15:14
@SteveB - if it's available on the phone, why would it be a privacy issue using WinRT (assuming the tablet/device had an IMEI)? –  WiredPrairie May 27 at 17:16
Store apps run in a kind of sandbox. Sensitive data (which IMEI is) cannot be retrieved. It's similar to webbrowsers... a website cannot access data on the computer. It's fortunate Microsoft made this decision. I would not imagine any store apps to be able to access such data. A store apps is so quickly installed. –  Steve B May 28 at 9:41
Thanks for the info. I found another option to uniquely identify a device in windows runtime. stackoverflow.com/questions/12690006/… –  Ansary Ans21 May 29 at 4:11

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